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Caribe Farms


We are growers and exporters of premium quality fresh fruit grown in the Dominican Republic. Our mission is to present to the world tropical produce including avocados, succulent mangoes, and papayas cultivated in four regions across the country.


Caribé Farms, founded by a native family from the Dominican Republic manages all processes from growing the produce, harvesting it, packing, and shipping it to the outside world to benefit both its farming community and the end consumer.


With every box you purchase from us you are also supporting our commitment to fairtrade and our vision to boost the agronomy of the country. Our mission is simply this – to take you on a delightful tropical journey through the tastes of the exotic produce of the Dominican Republic, a joy we want everyone to experience.


Caribé Farms is an affiliate of Holistic Solutions Global (HSG) the Dominican fresh produce company inspired by a deep appreciation for the country and its tropical plantations. Every shipment of tropical fruit that leaves our warehouse is picked straight from our farms where we grow them naturally, and packed meticulously and in an eco-friendly manner to reach you in pristine conditions. As we control the end-to-end process, we offer our customers a range of possibilities and guarantee unparalleled and customized service with speedy transportation times to boot.


Our produce is fresh, healthy, and chockful of bursting flavor. 

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How can we serve you?

Tel: 845-800-9833

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